Our Vision

Our board and staff are very excited about Freedom Gate's future. Over the past few years we have sensed our Lord's presence as He has continued to be faithful in raising up the needed support to continue our programs, and we have also had a new energy to rethink our program and renovate our houses, which we have just about completed.

We sense now an overwhelming mandate to enlarge our program and serve more men. With the change in the economy and the desire to reduce the number of men in the prison system, there is now a huge demand for men to find a place to live and find help and care when they are released from prison.

Freedom Gate has three houses and a wonderful empty lot. At this time, one of our houses is closed due to a lack of funding for the additional needed staff and because the house is in need of extensive repair. Having said that, within the last few years we have, as just said, a new desire to enlarge our program and renewed interest in renovating our empty house and utilize our vacant lot.

We have been encouraged by two "out of the blue" gifts. The first was the ability to buy the lot (which adjoins our house at 132 South 9th Street) for $1.00, and then Burkey Construction did some plans for a park to be constructed at this site. This plan was then approved by the City of Reading. Next, two architects gave of their time to come up with architectural plans for a complete renovation of the house, and this also was just approved by the City of Reading Zoning.

The next step will be to complete a brochure that would describe the project and list the needed skilled labor, unskilled labor, and all building materials. This is where our community can play a major role in being able to make this happen.

Needless to say, we do not want to get ahead of our Lord, but we know His heart for the lost and for the prisoner, and so we are excited as we keep working and waiting to build a better and more resourceful program which will result in helping our men:

• Become better fathers, husbands, and sons
• Find employment that pays a living wage
• Become good, solid employees
• Connect with a solid Christian church
• Grow in their Christian faith
• Move ahead of their past failures
• Build self-esteem

And lastly, our plan is to continue to grow Freedom Gate's base of volunteers and financial support to achieve our vision.

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