Why We Do It

We are still passionate about the ministry our Lord began when He called Rev. John Rush and eight mennonite churches to care for and love men coming out of prison and to give them oppertunities to change their lives and become productive members of society.

Since the doors have been opened countless men have called Freedom Gate home, and like the reality of life, some have done well and with God's help were able to change their lives for the better. Others fell back to their old ways and went back into the world of crime and/or addiction, but many of these men over time came to a place where they were able to make successful change in their lifestyles and have reported to us that the very seeds that were planted at Freedom Gate continued to convict, encourage, and assure them that they could change their lives and become the man deep down inside they always wanted to be.

We are constantly and prayerfully changing our program to fit the needs of today's men so that Freedom Gate can be the best for our residents. Our total focus is to try and follow our Lord as FG is His ministry and it is His part to change lives and to bring men to Himself. Our job as Board members, staff, and volunteers is to provide as many opportunities, and as much love so that He can use them in the lives of those He sends to Freedom Gate.

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